Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Joel Doepker interview

Joel Doepker

Question 1: How do you feel about your job? 
Answer: "I like my job there are challenges and opportunities."
Question 2: What led you to this career? 
Answer :" I started working in T.V news for about 15 years I then saw an opportunity to work for a college and ever since it's been fun." 
Final question: When did you become interested in journalism and why did you separate from that path ? 
Answer : In college i worked at campass and T.V station, 2006 is when i separated from journalism. "

Interview with Shelli Allen

Shelli Allen interview

Question 1: What led you to this career? 
Answer: "When i was in college I liked being around learning and I wanted to work in a career where I could help others be excited about college"
Question 2: When did you become interested in teaching ?
Answer: " I got interested in teaching when I was 20 years old, i started thinking about working with college students and help keep them out of trouble."
Final question: How do you feel about your job?
Answer: "I love my job, because I get to help students go down the right path."

Gregg Jones interview

Gregg Jones interview

Question 1: why did you pick the school that you went to ?
Answer: "I needed to stay in state and Missouri offers a variety of programs and a lot of my friends went to school there too.
Question 2: What are your favorite types of stories to write?
Answer: "the stories i like the most are about the area of union growing because it show positvity 
Final question: What do you do for writers block ? 
Answer: "I start in the middle, all of the important stuff I jot down on a piece of paper so I don't forget any important stuff then the other facts or words fills it up."

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Editor, round about at ECC


I think that the round about at ECC will be very confusing. I am a camp member there and I have to go all around to the skating rink just to get to ECC, and I just think that its a waste of time for something so useless.